GeoPlaNExT project selected!

Through the spectacular and steady progress of space exploration, a new discipline has emerged over the past 30 years: planetary geosciences. Training specialists in understanding the evolutionary processes of the Earth and other planets in an international context is the aim of the GeoPlaNExT project. This is based on the particularly fertile collaboration of the Laboratory of Planetology and Geodynamics on the international environment, within the GeoPlaNet consortium. This consortium brings together 20 foreign partners with whom the laboratory has developed strong research links, notably through joint participations in numerous space missions. Our international master project aims to consolidate the training-research link by structuring the formation in planetary geosciences at the European level while proposing research internships in the laboratories and the space agencies of the prestigious international partners of the project.

The selection of the GeoPlaNExT project by the NExT initiative will finance the development of an international master in planetary geosciences led by the University of Nantes. This Master aims to train experts able to prepare, participate in operational activities, analyze and interpret the results of space exploration missions. These missions use state-of-the-art space technologies and benefit from the latest data processing methods. The presence in the project of space agencies and laboratories directly involved in the design and calibration of the scientific instruments of these missions naturally includes the GeoPlaNExT project in the direction of development of the future industry supported by NExT.

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