Technical Platforms

In support of the four research themes, the LPG's technical platforms include analytical instruments, experimental and computing resources, and a set of sample collection and preparation devices open to all of the unit's research activities.

The analytical park is composed of spectroscopy equipment capable of meeting the needs of elementary and molecular characterization of various matrices (rocks, soils, foraminifera, bivalves, etc.). For this purpose, we have a ICP-MS coupled with laser ablation, an ICP-Optical, Raman and Infrared spectrometers and hyperspectral cameras.

Complementary instrumental means are also present in the laboratory to allow the collection of samples during sea campaigns or to acquire field data with the help of seismological stations.

Its analytical and instrumental means are based on laboratories dedicated to sample preparation : laboratories for synthesis and preparation of high-pressure experiments, micropaleontology, microscopy (optical, digital and epifluorescence), laser granulometry and lithopreparation.

Finally, significant computing resources are devoted to processing data from space and terrestrial missions, but also to developing and optimizing high-performance calculation codes (simulation of the internal dynamics of moons and planets, processing of seismic and hyperspectral data coupled with LIDAR data).