One of LPG's missions is to promote its research work, i.e. to contribute to the transfer of knowledge to the socio-economic world. Supported by the valorization services of our supervisors and the SATT Ouest Valorisation, LPG ensures the transfer of skills, know-how, and intellectual protection of the results of researchers' work. You will find below a list of patents and software registered in recent years.


- "Device for the synthesis and study of compounds under controlled temperatures and pressures" - Erwan Le Menn, Adriana Oancea, Gabriel Tobie, Olivier Grasset as part of the ERC Exowater, filed on December 4, 2014 - FR 14/61933 - Patent specification sheet


- VR2Planets: Stéphane Le Mouélic and François Civet (dépôt 2014) IDDN.FR.001.500002.000.S.P.2015.000.10000
This software is an application allowing real-time immersive 3D visualization of planetary surfaces reconstructed from satellite data. Data visualization is accessible on monitors, 3D video projectors or virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift.

- Homo3D: Yann Capdeville, CNRS (2015), Open data

This software calculates the equivalent media for seismic wave propagation.

- En duplex de...: Eric Beucler, Guillaume Olympiade, Matthieu Le Corre and Olivier Borgard (2020)

- Neemuds: Eric Beucler and Hakim Hadj-Jdilani  (2020) IDDN.FR.001.280011.000.S.C.2020.000.31235
Research applications to model the interior of Mars and also the Earth at different scales.

- Mushdynamics: Marine LASBLEIS (2020) - N°13432-01


Downloadable digital tools

- Codes developed by Yann Capdeville as part of his research project on seismic wave propagation.

- Shape preferred Orientation developed by Patrick Launeau.